Job Title: Programmer Analyst

Job Location: 2111 Mcdonalds drive, Oak Brook, IL – 60523

Job Description:

  • Assists in the requirement gathering, analysis for the project and also design the workflow chart once the requirements are finalized.
  • Analysis, design, develops, tests and implements software packages for websites, desktop applications services and other platforms as well by applying the knowledge of computer programming techniques.
  • Enhance the existing software to improve on the functionality depending on the need from the client.
  • Develop the software product by developing databases, programs and procedures necessary for the integration and also implement code changes for the existing software products and applications.
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment and testing and use of Version/source control tools as well.
  • Execute unit and Integration testing and deploy the software to the production environment.
  • Provides additional debugging support to the project team during development, production and enhancement work.
  • Documents systems for the user department conforming to the standards and documents the changes regarding the code changes and the modifications made.

Min Education: Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Information Systems or Engineering or related or combination of education/training and/or progressive experience.

Apply by Mail: HR, 6494 Weathers Place, Suite # 200, San Diego, CA - 92121