Utility companies continue to focus more on customer engagements, ever-changing regulations and integration of renewable energy. There is also an effort to optimize the energy mix, deployment of smart technology, intelligent investment for operational efficiency. A need to align to greater competition and regulatory directives becomes imperative as cost of materials and labor go up. Utilities are, thus, taking a fresh look at technology as a tool to gain competitive advantage. Softhq's innovative solutions help Electricity, Gas and Water Utilities improve their top line by creating differentiated offerings and processes that involve the consumer.

The key features of Softhq’s solutions are:

  • Business Transformation - leveraging industry best practices in billing and customer care, delivered through Business Outcome focused implementation of SAP ISU/CRM and Oracle CCB/CX
  • CIS-as-a-Managed Service - End-to-end managed services including implementation, upgrades and support through a hosted and managed services model
  • Mobility, customer self-service solutions and establishment of a digital platform
  • Customer analytics through predictive modeling and implementation of analytics platform

Customer Care & Retail Solutions

  • Billing & Customer Care
  • Digital Transformation
  • Customer Analytics
  • CIS-as-a-Managed Service

Billing & Customer Care

Billing and Customer Care represents the most fundamental and critical functional for every Utility, that spans rate management, metering, billing, payments, credit and collections, and customer relationship management. Softhq’s solution in this domain covers the entire gamut of services including business transformation and implementation of Customer Information System (CIS), support and maintenance as well as legacy modernization in regulated and deregulated Utility industries.

Our solution offers the following benefits:

  • Optimized cost-to-serve
    • Efficiency in meter-cash operations
    • Self-serve capability and process improvements to support reduced FTE in contact center
  • Improved customer management, leading to better customer experience
    • Differentiated customer service based on customer priority and category
    • Ability to interact with customers via their preferred channel
    • Fewer complaints, quicker resolutions
    • Single integrated view of the customer
    • Integrated view of customer, premise and historical data, e.g. bills, interactions, payments etc.
    • Ability to process customer requests quicker and more accurately

Digital Transformation

Today, consumers in the Fashion industry are demanding an enriching Digital experience across channels. Brand loyalties are built not only in brick-and-mortar stores but also through social media, while on the go and online. These omni channel experiences should provide customers with a “wow” factor and Digital Transformation is the way to achieve this objective.


  • Our consumer-centric Digital Transformation solutions include:
  • Digital Factory Services: A managed service that creates content across multiple vendors, to publish quickly, accurately and cost-effectively while creating consistency and economies of scale
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM): This manages the creation and workflow, measures the success, and monitors and feeds successful content. It uses document and record management based on channels. It also enables economies of scale by integrating with back-office ERP and third-party vendor systems, application development and support. This results in savings in content creation and delivers consistent consumer brand experiences using omni channel campaign management and marketing process outsourcing
  • CRM, Digital Marketing and Social Media: Consumer communication, social networking and collaboration platforms that engage consumers, generate content, manage user groups and events and extend your reach into new markets. It helps you understand your customers needs and, in turn, helps shape products and services while enabling personalization and customization
  • Mobile App Factory: Mobile app lifecycle testing and management to enable scalable reuse of assets and lower cost of IT
  • REACH: An integrated campaign management solution that spans planning, conceptualization, execution and analysis. The solution delivers:
    • Reduction in campaign costs by about 30% through reuse and repurposing of digital assets
    • Improves time to market for campaigns by over 30%
    • Delivers efficiency improvement in the range of 20%-30% through automated processes
    • Delivers improvement in process productivity by about 30%

Customer Analytics

In an increasingly competitive marketplace and a new era of data explosion due to smart meters, social media etc., Customer Analytics is key to intuitive customer insight, engaging with customers better and making better information driven decisions. Softhq’s solution for Customer Analytics provides actionable insights via a predictive model by analyzing historical data, trends and applying suitable modeling techniques that aid in proactive customer management.

The key benefits of our solution are:

  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Lowers cost of acquisitions
  • Improves customer insights and experience
  • Differentiates customer service based on strategic customer segmentation
  • CIS-as-a-Managed Service With Utilities focusing on efficiency of core business operations, management of IT systems for Customer Information System (CIS) and other critical functions is being outsourced to strategic partners. Softhq’s solution provides Platform-as-a-Service which includes implementation/support of the CIS solution, and hosting services covering hardware, network as well as application licenses. This ensures that IT is leveraged as a service and all aspects of managing the CIS system are governed by Softhq.

The key business benefits offered by the solution are:

  • We provide turnkey offering of technology, software and hardware enabling Utilities to
    • Focus on core business operations
    • Minimize operational risks and the ability to spread software costs significantly, reducing upfront capital costs
  • Flexibility and scalability - Changes and ramp ups are faster and more efficient than in-house resources. This enables utilities to respond faster and more cost-effectively to market and competitive dynamics while minimizing disruption to their customer base

The challenges in the Transmission & Distribution (T&D) sector present new opportunities for growth. The business and infrastructure environment here is growing in complexity. There is pressure on ageing assets to deliver more power, gas and water. Regulators expect Utilities to demonstrate effective asset stewardship with respect to critical infrastructure while ensuring reliability, safety and cost effectiveness.

Transmission & Distribution: Capabilities, Solutions & Services

We support Utilities in regulatory driven, industry shaping initiatives such as deregulation, mergers and demergers, T&D unbundling, distribution network sales and fundamental changes to the regulatory framework.

Our solutions include:

  • Enterprise Work and Asset Management: Platform-based solutions for the water, gas and electricity Transmission & Distribution.
  • WiCMAU : Softhq’s Capability Maturity Assessment Model for Utilities that addresses Enterprise Asset Management Business function.
  • Asset Data Quality Solution: Comprehensive solution to improve and sustain asset data quality for T&D Utilities.
  • Business Intelligence for EAM (BEAM): CA Packaged Performance Management Solution with a rich KPI library, industry standard data model and pre-built dashboards.
  • Framework for Energy Audit and Loss Reduction: Solution framework to conduct energy audits from the company to distribution transformer levels and calculate technical and commercial energy loss at any level.
  • Network Monitoring and Control Solutions: Services for integration and managed services of CNI SCADA, Distribution Management and Energy management solutions.
  • Maximo Managed Service: Managed service solution framework for Maximo EAM.
  • EAM-OSI PI Integration: Integration of EAM with OSI PI systems for real-time measurements for asset condition monitoring.
  • IS Integration for Utility M&A: Solution framework for integration strategies after M&A in Utilities.

The Utility industry is on the cusp of a makeover. The change is being brought in by the forces of digitization, decentralization, customer empowerment and environmental challenges. Smart Grid will be the underlying enabler – providing toolsets to realign businesses and operational architecture to stay ahead of competition. The changes will throw open opportunities for Utilities to redefine their identity in the digital world.

Following packaged solutions and accelerators will fast track your implementation, derisk the delivery and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

Improve AMI Operations Efficiency using Smart NOC Retail Process Transformation Blueprint and Integration ProcessBook Network Capacity Utilization Analytics
Manage and Accelerate AMI Rollout - Work, Schedule, Mobility Smart Pre-pay - leverage Existing Billing Capabilities Analytics to identify feeders for carrying out Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR)
AMI Rollout - Assurance Service Customer Segmentation Analytics NERC-CIP V5 Assessment and Migration
MDM - Implementation, Integration, Support, Package Upgrade, In Cloud Revenue Protection Analytics Integrated Cyber Defense - Smart Networks
DCC Gateway - Packaged Solution for UK Outage and Restoration Analytics Smart Data Strategy - Management and Governance
DCC Gateway - End to End Test Harness Transformer Health Analytics Analytics Architecture - Integrating Data in Motion and Data in Rest

As the world economy improves, growth is fuelling an unprecedented demand for energy. This demand, in turn, places pressure on traditional producers who are witnessing a decline in their ability to deliver cheap, safe and reliable energy. Oil & Gas production is moving to unpredictable geographies. Newer sources of energy are being added to the mix and technological changes like Smart Grids have arrived. Power generation is being impacted by EHS regulations, the need for supply security, rising fuel costs and trading integration. Amid this, consumer expectations are evolving, resulting in extreme changes in energy generation.

Solutions and Capabilities

  • EAM Template: Best practice processes for generation work and asset management, collated together, represented from L1 to L4 level. The solution reduces the requirements and blueprinting time by half, resulting in significant effort and cost savings. The processes are product agnostic and allow generation-specific implementations not directly available from packages.
  • Plant Dashboard: Visibility of a problem is the first step in rectification. While ordinary BI solutions present data, the dashboard identifies problem areas. The solution provides multi-layer visibility to overall plant health and trends through industry standard KPIs, as well as allows comparison across plants. The KPIs are in operations, maintenance, EH&S, supply chain, financials and fuel management.
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM): A process approach to carry out RCM for a generation plant. The solution provides guided steps and templates to carry out the analysis. A well-implemented RCM can reduce the maintenance cost by more than 30% and improve reliability by several percentage points.
  • Fuel Management: The solution provides a process template to cover all functionalities in the fuel management value chain by integrating fuel operations with ERP functions, improving optimization and driving cost reductions.
  • Product evaluation, recommendation and implementation: For a range of areas including SCADA, Historian, Asset Management, Document Management and Field Automation.

The demand for clean energy continues to grow as the impact of climate change is felt across the globe. Alternate energy has emerged as a viable answer and will dominate the energy business in the future. Technological innovation will continue to increase the efficiency, reliability and safety of renewable sources of energy. As new energy technologies get commercialized, the emphasis on customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and quality will gain increased traction.

Solutions and Capabilities:

  • Solution for Remote Monitoring: We offer a monitoring and control solution for operations management from a remote location. The solution allows real-time visibility to plant performance, production and maintenance requirements. It can be integrated with back-end systems that manage maintenance, inventory and analysis to provide an integrated, end-to-end solution.
  • SaaS solution for Solar: An integrated solution for cloud with a "pay as you go" model and an ability to scale. The solution roadmap includes core functionalities and additional features to improve business efficiency.
  • Work and Asset Management for Utility Grade Farms: A solution to improve plant performance where SCADA/monitoring are already in place. It involves asset performance estimation, proactive and reactive maintenance etc. and maximizes asset utilization.
  • Processes to Support Renewable PPAs in the US market: The solution caters to the need of managing highly diverse PPA contracts and Renewable Certificates in the US market in an organized manner, promoting scalability.

The last few years have seen widespread transformations in the energy economy. Internationalization of trade, deregulation, geopolitics, growing liquidity and rise in energy demands has made markets more volatile. This increase in volume, volatility and a complex regulatory framework has driven the use of technology in trading. Technology is deployed for managing trading operations, quantitative applications to optimize assets, risk modeling to control and manage exposure etc. and provides tools that improve decision making. These applications range from proprietary to standard off-the-shelf products as well as integration layers across applications.

Products Capabilities

  • Extensive exposure to OpenLink, Allegro, Ventyx and PVM across 35-plus programs
  • Product consulting services
  • Product integration
  • Product implementation
  • Product support

Business Capabilities

  • Intuitive trading system
  • Master Data Management
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Integration framework
  • Analytics

Adherence to high standards of employee Health and Safety as well as increased Environmental accountability have become an imperative for Utilities. In the Utility industry, employee Health and Safety has a direct impact on productivity and brand value. Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) measures are becoming core to customer satisfaction with its ability to adhere to legislation, regulatory and sustainability requirements.

HSSE Capabilities and Solutions

  • Strategic consulting to help organizations ensure HSSE compliance
  • Provide guidance and advice on best fit solutions and applications
  • Implement and support HSSE applications
  • Predictive Risk Intelligence Management (PRIM)
  • Competency Risk Management (CoRM)
  • Integrated Risk & Emergency Management (IREM)

Utilities HSSE Services

  • Sustainability/Global Reporting Initiative(GRI)/Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reporting
  • Carbon management
  • HSSE solution implementation
  • HSSE data management & managed services
  • Incident/accident reporting and regulatory compliance
  • Occupational health and medical service reporting
  • Hazardous and E-waste inventory, disposal & reporting

Business Benefits

  • Continuous improvement in systems and processes that address resource management, emission norms, and employee Health & Safety
  • IT-enabled Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction
  • Sustainability and Energy Management, resulting in reduction in regulatory liabilities
  • Reduced corporate, operational and legal risk in a cost-effective manner through industry best practices
  • Reduced major catastrophic incidents (Black Swan risk)
  • Drop in number of Health & Safety incidents
  • Reduction in Worker Compensation Fund